We don’t blame you if you feel absolutely disoriented at this point because the first puzzle in Scorn really throws you into the deep end. Your objective is to unlock the massive locked door in the main cavern, which opens up to the rest of the alien building. The alien modification to your arm gives you the ability to operate the door controls, but there are two consoles, and you can only use one of them at once. We mentioned below are the steps to Solve First Puzzle and Open the Door in Scorn.

How to Solve First Puzzle and Open the Door in Scorn

Solve the Scorn cocoon puzzle

When you interact with the pedestal right in front of you, a claw-like mechanism on the other wall will move and attempt to capture a cocoon, but it will fail because there isn’t one there. Instead, move to the pedestal to the right and move the cocoons about there. However, be cautious because some of them are connected and move in groups. Two of the cocoons—you’ll notice—have lights on them, and you’ll need to relocate those to the spot where the first pedestal’s claw earlier attempted to grab. The first one you move to the proper place will shatter when the claw tries to grab it, therefore you’ll also need to relocate the second one even though you only need one. Look at the last two images above to see how to arrange the first cocoon. The single cocoon on the third row should be moved across to the left, and then the double cocoon on the second row should be moved all the way to the right. his should create a straight path for placing the first cocoon. Use the first pedestal after that is finished to observe the cocoon emerge. Moving the other one is now necessary.You must leave space for both cocoons to migrate, which is considerably difficult with the second cocoon because it is linked to another one. In order to make room for the glowing cocoon to move into place, you basically need to transfer all the double cocoons over to the right-hand side. Once finished, move the cocoon to the lowest floor using the first pedestal once more.

Open the door

Return to the ground floor and the large room where you began by taking the elevator. The cocoon, which should be suspended rather high in the air, is what you’re searching for. You can leverage the fact that it is generating sounds to help you find it. Put the cocoon into the cart using the crane and this pedestal’s operation. Once the rails are ready, take the cart to the room with the crane you first noticed before using the lift by climbing back up the spiral column in the centre of the space. It ought to appear as in the screenshot below. To get to the crane, push the cart along the track. To get the crane to move the cocoon to the machine, use the big pedestal here. Then, use the little pedestal to, uh, finish the job. You can almost finish by picking up the arm. Return to the main door you are attempting to open by going through the one on the left. You should be able to uncover a gadget that will let you to add a key to the arm you just grabbed. Return to the two pedestals in front of the large door after finishing that. Before moving on to the larger one and activating it, use your newly acquired arm on the smaller one. Phew! Good work.

Final Words

Game Pass’ newest horror-themed title is Scorn. For players looking for nightmare-inducing material during the spooky month of October, this game is ideal. It might be bloody, and its gloomy ambiance can make players uneasy, but the game’s primary objective is to solve puzzles. It makes use of its bizarre surroundings to offer eerily macabre puzzles. We hope our article on “How to Solve First Puzzle and Open the Door in Scorn” will surely help you to do so.

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