That the slow, shambling, groaning kind of zombies are once again exciting is one of the remake of Resident Evil 2 game most amazing features. The undead in this game are incredible, horrifying creatures: lumbering masses of bloody meat that plough through broken windows, batter down doors, and lunge hungrily from the shadows. If you have extra ammunition, they are physically awkward and a complete joy to kill. They keep coming after you shoot a leg off, dragging themselves across the floor and reaching their claw-wielding hands toward you. They screech and saunter towards you with their arms outstretched and jaws slung with glistening blood as you turn a corner and your flashlight beam catches their glassy white eyes. They don’t move as quickly as they do in more recent Resident Evil games, explode, or sprout thrashing parasites. They merely groan, lurch, and grab, which has a satisfyingly retro feel to it that permeates every cramped corridor of this confident remake. We’ll try to teach you How to Solve the Clock Tower Puzzle in Resident Evil 2 in this article.

How to Solve the Clock Tower Puzzle in Resident Evil 2

You are most likely being pursued by Tyrant Mr. X in the RPD Clock Tower, but don’t worry this is one of the few rooms in the structure that neither he nor the game’s other enemies can enter. It’s fortunate that you can now concentrate on the Clock Tower gears puzzle because it can be a little challenging. The main reason for the confusion is that it’s one of the few puzzles in the game where you actually have to take something out of play that you’ve already successfully used, and it’s also the only time you have to do this within the same puzzle in the same location.

As you enter the Clock Tower, look immediately to your right to find a place to interact with some gears and a vacant slot. The staircase next to the bell will be lowered if you use this location’s Large Gear. There is a note nearby that alerts you to the bell’s unpredictability. You may have noticed an orange box right next to the bell that, when you’re standing underneath it, displays an interact icon, but you can’t reach out and touch it. Your goal is to knock the bell and the box to the ground so you can pick them up. Pick up the Large Gear once more after the stairs have been lowered. Just in front of the stairs, around the bell area, is another gear slot, like the one in the picture above. For the Large Gear, though, it’s far too little, so take the stairs for the time being. In this new location, there is another gear slot, but it is occupied by a gear already. Then go downstairs and use your new Small Gear on that smaller slot after picking up that gear and exchanging it for the Large Gear. Both the bell and the necessary box will fall.


System Requirment

About the Game

A remake of Resident Evil 2 seems to be selling it short. Yes, it is a faithful recreation of the 1998 survival horror classic, but it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, using the RE Engine from Resident Evil 7 to revive recognisable locations like the Raccoon City Police Station. And the RPD looks better than it ever has. This game looks amazing, from the intricate character models and animations to the way your quivering torchlight reveals the gleaming insides of what was once a cop.

Though this is not the police station from the original Resident Evil 2, it is the police station you remember. Certain aspects of the art museum-turned-police station have been rearranged and reimagined to make sense in a photorealistic environment and for a contemporary audience. A large, gilded entrance hall leads to a number of twisting passageways and antechambers that are connected by layers of keys and other objects that become stranger and stranger as the plot develops. By the time you first see the credits roll, the game will still have more surprises up its sleeve, no matter how well you explore, how many enemies you take out, or how many puzzles you solve. You’ll be prompted to choose between playing as overly skilled college student Claire Redfield or inexperienced cop Leon S. Kennedy when you first start Resident Evil 2. If you play either character through to the end, you’ll meet new people, face off against various foes, and use specialised weapons.

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on How to Solve the Clock Tower Puzzle in Resident Evil 2. we’ll show you how to quickly solve the puzzle so you can get the electronic piece and continue playing the rest of the game. However, if you require any additional assistance with Capcom’s impressive remake, you should visit our Resident Evil 2 walkthrough. Here you can find a list of all the other guides we have on the game as well as our complete beginner’s guide to surviving Raccoon City. You can visit their official website and ask for more information if the issue continues and you are unable to solve it by using the steps listed above.

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