How To Speed Up Android Device After Rooting – Guide

By rooting your Android device, you can do all sorts of cool things like: B. Installing custom ROMs, updating the latest Android updates, and updating custom kernels. But there’s one thing you can’t do with a rooted device: speed up the device. If you want to get the most out of your rooted Android phone, you should ensure that all apps you use are compatible with your device’s rooted state and the various features and functions that revolve around it. One of the most popular things people ask when they decide to root Android phone It’s how to speed up your device after rooting. There’s a lot of misinformation floating around in the Android community about this particular topic, so let’s help clear it up. up a little of that. Greenify is the first app on my list because it’s easy and efficient to extend your Android’s battery life. The main purpose of the app is to let you hibernate your apps in the background.

list speed Up Android device after rooting


Greenify is the first app on my list as it is simple and very effective to increase your Android’s battery life. The basic function of the app is to hibernate your apps in the background. You also have the option to hibernate your apps and let the remaining apps like Facebook and Whatsapp run normally.

ROM Manager

Rom manager is a great app for all enthusiasts who want to flash new ROMs and try new versions of Android. This app provides a list of all famous ROMs available for your Android phone. You can also download them through this app, and it also saves you a lot of time looking for them on the internet. The premium version of this app is worth trying.

Titanium backup root

Titanium Backup is for those of you who flash a lot on your phone. This is the best app to backup app data. It provides various backup options like backup up specific data and specific applications. In addition, you can also freeze your apps and convert them to user apps and more. This is a great app, and I suggest you give it a try.

trickster mode

There are many apps out there that can do the same tasks as this, but the support and excellent interface of this app trumps them all. With this app, you can overclock your phone to make it faster, sub-volt to increase battery life and more. In short, this is the must-have app for rooted devices.

smart booster

Have you ever felt that your phone takes a while during games or your phone restarts in heavy use? If yes then this is the perfect app for you. RAM Booster delves deeper into your phone’s RAM and clears background apps. This app is a must for anyone who wants to speed up up your smartphone.

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