The circle in this context refers to Life360 users who have consented to share their location information. The location tracking feature works by translating a user’s phone’s GPS location and displaying it on the Life360map for everyone in the circle to view. It appears that Life360 has few privacy issues. Its primary function is location sharing, however this information is only made available to family members to whom you have previously granted permission. In case of an emergency, users are able to send out “Help Alerts,” which alerts their designated emergency contact. Additionally, users have the option to “Check-In,” which enables them to notify the Circle of their precise location. The software gives users the chance to see the past locations of other users and their location history. Text messages can be sent between the people in your Circle using the in-app chat tool. We mentioned below are the steps to Spoof/Fake Location on life 360 on iPhone.

Steps to Spoof/Fake Location on life 360 on iPhone

Using UltFone

Step 1: Launch UltFone iOS Location Changer on your system. Tick the disclaimer, and click on the “Enter” button. Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer with the Apple lightning cable. Step 3: On the following screen, type your destination name or the location coordinates and click the “search” icon next to it. Step 4: Now, the entered address would be displayed on the left panel. Confirm it and click to “Start to Modify“.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to Spoof/Fake Location on life 360 on iPhone. Many families use the wonderful Life360 app to share their locations. Users of this software value the safety features it offers. It contains crash detection, for instance, which can notify family members if you are in a car accident. Despite the fact that these features are helpful to consumers, there are some situations in which you might want to fake your Life360 position. Happily, creating a false Life360 location is doable and simple enough that most individuals ought to be able to do it!

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