However, as the number of smartphone users increases, so does the frequency with which cybercriminals attack. mobile devices particularly in the form of fake apps. Fake apps are created by cyber criminals and contain malicious code to steal your data. The appearance and function of fake apps are designed to mimic a legitimate app in order to trick users to download it. When you install a third-party app, it will ask for permission to access your data. Fake apps exploit this to gain access to your personal data, often without your knowledge. Fake app development has become a new threat to consumers around the world, with cybercriminals increasingly targeting mobile platforms as their preferred target. We mention ways below to Find a fake Android app

Ways to Spot a Fake Android App

search the developer

Google the developer’s name to find out information about it. This will give you an idea of ​​whether he is reputable or not. Sometimes a fake app will carry the same developer name as the original, with a letter or two altered to trick users into thinking it’s a real app. Look closely at the details, especially if there are other reasons to be suspicious.

Check the release date

When was the app released? If it has a recent date but a high number of downloads, it’s probably fake. This is because legitimate apps with high download numbers have usually been around for quite some time.

Check the permission agreement

Read the permission agreement before downloading the app. Fake apps often ask for additional permissions that are not strictly necessary. This can easily go unnoticed as most people don’t read the fine print.

track the number of downloads

A genuinely popular app will have thousands, if not millions, of downloads. So it needs to have a lot of downloads unless you’re looking for a specialized niche app (for ornithology, for example).

Review testimonials and ratings

Yes, there will be some fake reviews and ratings on fake apps. People will vent in the comments and vote against apps that don’t work properly or don’t live up to their promises (such as being wallpaper collections instead of the game they claimed to be).

note the title

To get as close as possible to the name of the original software without being a copy, the title will likely be feature typos or unusual formatting. Consider using a capital I (I) instead of a lowercase “L” as another approach (l).

Final Words

We hope you like our article how to Detect fake android app. To do their dirty work, fake apps are created to trick users into thinking that they are genuine apps. The reasons can change. While some fake Android apps display nasty ads, others can track your online behavior, install malware, and steal your personal data.

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