Online shopping has transformed tremendously with a wider range and a more immersive way to show them online, but establishing the truth of a product online is still a mess. The product reviews are used by users to determine the quality of a product, but are more often inundated with fake reviews. Not only that, it’s not even easy to figure out which reviews are authentic and which aren’t. Reviews on ecommerce websites were intended as a measure of the quality of a product, but with increasing competition, brand marketers have turned to malpractice such as leaving fake reviews. At times like this, it is very difficult to verify the authenticity of the reviews, but don’t worry, as folks at Fakespot have made analyzing the authenticity of a review easier. “Reviews were meant as a way to make sure you’re getting a good product. But with all the fake reviews, that trust has been broken. Fakespot is trying to do something about it. Never buy a 5-star product that actually turns out to be a 1-star again, ”the company states on their website.

All you need to do is copy and enter the URL of the product you want to verify the reviews for and after a few seconds, Fakespot will let you know how trustworthy the reviews of the products are View the authentication example “User reviews should be an informative tool to provide honest feedback from other buyers, but what about if the reviews themselves cannot be trusted? Fakespot helps smart customers make informed decisions, ”the company website said. View the authentication example Fakespot uses parameters such as the language used in reviews, such as using too many positive adjectives – which is a rarity even if a user likes the product – and authenticity of the reviewer’s profile, among others. A number of positive reviews flooding the thread on the same day also raises suspicion from the website. [wpsm_list type=”star”] [/wpsm_list]


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