How To Start A Clubhouse Club – Guide

In just a few weeks, the Clubhouse, which allows members to host and join audio chat rooms, grew from 600,000 to 10 million active users, was valued at $100 million and was home for some of the world’s top thought leaders. Due to Clubhouse’s growing awareness, popularity, and chat-style interface, brands interested in building communities are getting more curious about how they can use it in their marketing strategies. However, with the Clubhouse still being invite-only and unavailable to Android users, many marketers are now subscribing. up for the first time. And as with any new social media app, it can be a little tiring to explore all the features of the Clubhouse. features and try to keep up with the early adopters.

How to Start a Clubhouse Club

How to start an open room in the Clubhouse

How to start a closed room in the Clubhouse

How to start a Room of your clubs

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