How to Start Windows 10 PC in safe mode easily – Guide

While you cannot keep your device running in safe mode permanently as it limits many critical functions, it is a great tool if you are having trouble getting to the root of the problem. After the device restarts, you will see a “Choose an option” menu, follow the steps above, first click on Troubleshoot, then click on Advanced Options, click on Startup Settings, and finally restart. This will restart your device again. if you are not sure how to boot into safe mode in Windows 10, you have come to the right place because below we are going to walk you through how to do it with easy-to-follow instructions. Safe mode is also useful when your Windows 10 device is running extremely slow or won’t start. It will help you identify the source of the problem and is one of the first steps you can take to get your PC working again. After restarting your Windows 10 device, you will see a numbered list of options you want to number. This will start your PC in safe mode. If you need network capabilities (ie the ability to connect to the Internet) while in safe mode, press F5.

How to boot into safe mode in Windows 10

There are many ways to get into safe mode, but here are the three easiest.

Using the power icon

Using the Settings app

holding the power button

This is the method to use if you are unable to boot Windows normally.

How to exit safe Mode

If you’ve restarted your computer but it’s still in safe mode, you should:

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