How to stop adding of printers in Windows 11 PC – Guide

When you turn on the privacy settings, it deletes the Add Printer option from the Start menu. This setting also removes Add Printer from the Printers folder in Control Panel. Also, users cannot add printers by dragging a printer icon to the Printers folder, and if you try to do so, a message will appear explaining that setup is interrupting the action. However, this setting does not prevent users from using the Add Hardware Wizard to add a printer. Nor does it prevent users from running other programs to add printers. This setting does not remove printers that users have already added. However, if users have not added a printer when this setting is entered, they will not be able to print. Note: You can use printer permissions to restrict the use of printers without specifying a setting. In the Printers folder, right-click a printer, click Properties, then click the Security tab.

To disable the File and Printer Sharing component for your Dial-Up adapter:

This disables the File and Printer Sharing component for Dial-up only.Up Network adapter. Local network file sharing or printer sharing is not affected. NOTE: In some cases, it may be necessary to share files and printers through the same network adapter used to access the Internet. Enabling file and printer sharing using TCP/IP protocol can expose shared files or shared printers to the Internet. A common example of this scenario is with cable or DSL modem connections, where the broadband device is connected directly to a hub that each computer uses to connect to the home network, as in the following example: The Internet connects to a broadband device connected to a hub that connects to home computersTo configure a network to share files and printers securely on a network adapter exposed to the Internet, unbind file and printer sharing for TCP / IP bound to the exposed adapter: These procedures must be repeated on computers that need to share files or gain access to shared files, but whose adapter is exposed to the Internet. Another solution is to install Internet Connection Sharing if you are running Windows 98 Second Edition, which provides protection as documented in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article: Security 241570 Features of Internet Connection Sharing To install Internet Connection Sharing (ICS): NOTE: ICS should only be installed on the computer you use to connect to the Internet. This computer is called a host. The other computers on the local area network (LAN) that use the host to connect to the Internet are called clients. Internet programs on clients must be configured to connect using a LAN.

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