How to Stop Android Device From Killing Background Apps – Guide

While this can be beneficial for battery life, it also means you won’t get notifications from time to time. This is especially true if your phone it just stays on your desk or in your bag for a long time. It’s a constant frustration that doesn’t have to be so frustrating, as you expect an app to send you a notification when one is about to be sent. Fortunately, Google and others phone Manufacturers have made it possible to disable this per-app battery optimization so that you still get the notifications you need even if you don’t use the app regularly. Something you might notice when migrating from iOS to Android is that you don’t get all your notifications as soon as they arrive. This is due to the various tools built into Android to extend battery life. Google has introduced a variety of tools such as Battery Optimization and Adaptive Battery that automatically “kill” all apps running in the background. It’s not very often that you find an app on your Pixel that prevents an app from notifying you. However, this happens from time to time and you need to remove the respective app from the battery optimization list.

How to stop your android phone to kill background apps

To do that, here are the simple steps you need to follow:

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