How to Stop Apps Tracking Location on iPhone – Guide

While the information provided by apps does not always identify the user, location tracking is often so accurate that it can be used to locate a person by showing where the person is at night (presumably at home) and where they go throughout the day. The Times says many apps use or sell this information to target ads and for other purposes. In recent years, Apple and Google have made it easier to identify apps that have access to your information and disable those apps’ ability to see where you are. This can sometimes prevent an app from working properly: for example, a mapping app would need to know your location to give you accurate directions somewhere. But others, like weather apps, don’t always need to know where you are. You can always search just your current location. The iPhone also has controls that allow apps to use your location only when you’re using them, rather than all the time. I recently checked my iPhone and was surprised to see that some apps were set to always track my location instead of on demand. In this guideI’ll show you how to gain more control over apps that know where you are and how to disable those that should never need your location.

Prevent apps from tracking your location on iPhone

How to Find apps that track your location on iPhone

Prevent apps from tracking your location on iPhone

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