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Despite Apple’s apparent condemnation of Facebook’s data collection, the social media giant will still save your iPhone’s location, even if you’ve set it to “never”. Now you can stop Facebook immediately, ensuring that your phone it cannot be monitored invisibly. As it becomes evident that Apple’s privacy advances are stifling some of Facebook’s most valuable recipes streams, the company is reeling. While preventing cross-app and cross-site tracking is a significant benefit for billions of iPhone users, when you use apps from companies like Facebook and Google, it still exchanges a lot of data.

How to Knife

This should be well understood – there have been enough warnings. But even when users think they’ve done the right things — changed settings to opt for privacy, there are still backdoors, like private photos you upload to Facebook and Instagram. The photos you take on your iPhone include metadata, data about the photos that is embedded in the photo file itself. When you upload the photo in its original format, the metadata goes with it. This data includes your model. phone, the way your camera It was set up, the date and time the photo was taken and, critically, where it was taken. This location data is very accurate and very useful because you can search for photos in your phone by location, logically grouping their memories. But when you upload photos to Facebook or Instagram, the metadata is eliminated. If you save the photos back to your device, you will see that there is no embedded location data. So does Facebook delete location data after it’s removed? No of course not. Why would the world’s meanest data collector throw away valuable information he can use to monetize you even more? Facebook stores the data in its billion dollar data vault against your profile. No surprises there. What’s surprising, though, is that Facebook pulls and stores this data even when you tell the platform (both online and on the iPhone) “never” to track your location. Why Facebook thinks this is right, I can’t understand. You can see this for yourself. If you upload a photo to Facebook and then download “your Facebook info”, you’ll see that Facebook stored the exact GPS location taken from the photo, as well as its IP address when you uploaded the image. The data “we collect,” says Facebook in its privacy policy, “may include information in or about the content you provide (eg metadata), such as the location of a photo or the date a file was created ”. This location data is used ​​“to provide, customize and improve our products, including advertisements. So far, fixing this problem has been painful. You need to disable your iPhone camera tagging of photo location or use a third party app to remove the metadata before uploading the images. Fortunately, Apple has just fixed the problem. In your photo album, swipe up any image or select “i” from the bottom menu bar and select “Fit”. You can then change the location to one of your choice or delete it. This isn’t just a great option for Facebook, of course. While many messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Signal, strip (but not save) metadata, iMessage and email attachments retain embedded data as well as photos added to shared albums. If you’re sharing photos, there are many reasons you might not want to share the exact location. Putting security aside, many people have been caught inadvertently revealing where they are (and where they aren’t) through this invisible metadata. I’ve warned about this gap on Facebook and Instagram before, and when I asked Facebook about it, it confirmed that the platform “collects and processes” this data. When asked if this is used for advertising, “regardless of the privacy settings a user selects”, I was told that it is okay to proceed with these assumptions. Facebook has enough data for you. This is a great example of How to retain something without any detrimental impact on you. If you’ve bothered to stop Facebook from capturing your location, make sure you’re doing what you’re told.

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