How To Stop Instagram Data Tracking To Limit Creepy Ads – Guide

In addition, Instagram shows ads almost everywhere in the app between stories, in the feed and even on the search page. It can be quite frustrating for users to see ads throughout the app, not to mention the accuracy and targeting of the ads. Whether you’re shopping online, listening to music online, or even discussing a product or service with your friends, Instagram will show you the same thing in a targeted ad. But how does Instagram show us these exact ads, you might be wondering. Since Facebook owns Instagram, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not give users the ability to limit the data tracked and collected by the Instagram app. This raises the question: can Instagram be prevented from collecting user data? if so, how to completely stop or restrict Instagram accumulation? The shortest answer is “NO”. You cannot prevent Instagram from accumulating user data.

Steps to stop Instagram data tracking to limit targeted ads

Technically, you cannot stop Instagram from collecting user data. Still, since Instagram uses the same data as Facebook to show you targeted ads, you can limit the collection of data on your Facebook account to minimize the number of ads. Below we share a step by step guide to limit Instagram data tracking to stop targeted ads. Let’s check.

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