How to Stop Kodi Buffering – Guide

I will guide you in how to stop Kodi buffering issue. Known worldwide as a very popular media player when it comes to online streaming, Kodi instantly turns your FireStick or Windows PC into a media center filled with a variety of content to watch. You can watch content that is already on your device’s local storage media or stream it over the internet using add-ons and builds. Kodi works well and is compatible with Android, Windows Mobile and PC, Firestick TV, Mac OS, Linux and iOS. While having Kodi on any supported device can be great, it also comes with its own challenges and issues. Most of the time it is a challenge to install Kodi, install add-ons, builds and more which many users find very difficult.

How to Stop Kodi Buffer

Restart your device.

Before moving on to more advanced procedures, we recommend restarting your system first if you have Kodi buffering issues. This will allow your device to recharge all its resources and fix any temporary errors that may have occurred while using it. For Windows users, here’s How to restart your computer: If you are using a macOS device, follow the steps below to reset it: On Android devices, here’s what you need to do: If you are using an iOS device, check out the guide below to restart it: After restarting the device, fire up Kodi and see if you would still encounter buffering issues.

Check your network connection.

A slow or unstable internet connection can also be the reason why videos on Kodi keep getting buffered. Streaming videos online requires a decent network connection, especially for HD movies and shows. If you continue to experience buffering issues on Kodi, do a speed test on your network using to measure your current state. Restart your modem or router if you have confirmed the problem is within your network to re-establish the connection to your ISP’s servers. Run another test afterwards to confirm that the restart worked. If you continue to experience network-related issues, contact your ISP and let them handle the situation.

Update your add-ons.

beyond the standard features available on Kodi, you can also install in-app add-ons for additional functionality. This works similarly to your web browser extensions. If you have buffering issues when using add-ons on Kodi, try checking available updates for the add-on. Here’s what you need to do: Go back to the previous page and activate the auto-update function. This will ensure that your add-ons remain up to date all the time. After the update is complete, try streaming a movie or show online to see if the issue is resolved.

Turn off the VPN.

Virtual private networks or VPNs are third-party applications that keep your online data safe from hackers and other entities. They work by masking your default IP address and filtering your browsing activity to hide sensitive information. However, this process can cause delays on your network, which can cause all sorts of problems online. If you continue to experience buffering issues while streaming on Kodi, we recommend disabling your VPN. On the other hand, try switching to a very stable provider like PureVPN if you don’t want to go online without protection. Compared to other services, PureVPN uses thousands of high-speed servers all over the world for fast and secure internet browsing.

Lower your video scaling settings.

Setting a higher video scale setting in Kodi will significantly improve the quality of movies and TV shows you stream online. However, this will also put an additional load on your network. If videos on Kodi are still buffering, try lowering your video scaling settings to reduce network load. See the steps below to change your video scaling settings on Kodi: Once done, stream another movie or TV show on Kodi to see if the issue is resolved.

Clear the Kodi cache.

Like any modern app, Kodi uses caches to improve its performance, resulting in faster load times and a smoother interface. However, caches can build up over time and cause problems when corrupted. If you suffer from buffering issues on Kodi, clear the app cache and see if the problem goes away. On Windows, follow the steps below to clear your Kodi cache: For Android TV and mobile devices, you can clear your Kodi cache by doing the following:

Reset your settings

You may have played around with Kodi settings and mistakenly changed some vital settings that affected the app’s performance. If that’s the case, we recommend resetting your settings to factory defaults to make sure everything is in order. Here’s How to reset Kodi settings: Repeat this process until you reset all Kodi settings. Go back to the movie or show you are watching later to see if it will still be buffered.

Reinstall Kodi.

If you still have buffering issues on Kodi, then some of your installation files may have been severely corrupted. In that case, we suggest reinstalling the app on your device to ensure you have the latest working copy. For Windows uses, here’s How to delete Kodi on your system: On macOS devices, follow the steps below to remove Kodi: If you are using a mobile device or Android TV, you can uninstall Kodi by doing the following:

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