How to Stop Members From Editing WhatsApp Group Details – Guide

Are you tired of group members randomly changing the group subject, image or description? This feature can now be restricted by group admins so that only admins can make modifications, according to a new WhatsApp update. Members of WhatsApp groups are known to change the subject and group icon randomly. This occurs in all sizes of organizations, large and small. If you operate a serious WhatsApp group with conversations on the subject, you will like the new WhatsApp function. You can now prevent users from modifying the WhatsApp group image, subject or description as a group admin. “Group Settings” is a new function that WhatsApp has incorporated. Only group admins can see it. WhatsApp created this new feature because users complained (for a long time) about the lack of control by administrators. Previously, the ability to add and delete members was the only benefit of being an admin. This is changing today, and I predict that WhatsApp will provide additional admin options in the future, such as the ability to mute a user who is off-topic.

How to restrict members from making changes to WhatsApp group information

Requirements: If you meet the above requirements, follow the steps below to make the changes.

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