How to Stop Safari from Asking for Location Access on iPad/iPhone – Guide

Browsing the internet these days can be a frustrating experience when pop-ups ask permission for websites to use data about you, including your location. There is not much you can do about the frequency of cookie-related privacy pop-ups, as they are required by law. But you can at least stop Safari from asking if it can use your location data. we will show you how to do it below. But beware: One of the downsides to preventing Safari from asking for permission could be that your Google searches are stuck where you were when you changed this setting. So if you are wondering why your location in Safari is wrong or How to reset your location in Safari to make your searches more relevant. before we tell you how to stop querying location in Safari, you may want to know exactly why Safari does this, as this may influence your decision to enable or disable location query. You will likely see the prompt more often when you Google something. If you’re just looking for the latest Apple news, your location might not matter all that much (although sites based in the same country as you might be preferred).

How to prevent Safari from requesting location access on iPad/iPhone

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