How to Stop Specific Files From Showing Up in Spotlight on Mac – Guide

Spotlight makes it easy to track things on your Mac. This instrument can guide you through your Mac’s information and show you the narrowest path to the things you really want. Disabling Spotlight would be an answer, assuming you saw that it started using a lot of CPU. It’s more complicated to do it on the latest version of macOS, but it’s still conceivable. You must disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) to turn off Spotlight. Before doing this, make sure that SIP is enabled on your Mac. Go to Applications > Utilities. Open Terminal and enter the order that comes with it.

Deleting Spotlight Files on Mac

It is possible to prevent specific files from being displayed up in Spotlight searches on a Mac by adding the folders they are in to an exclude list. However, you cannot insert individual files into the list. So if you have other files in the same folder that you don’t want to be excluded from the search results, move them somewhere else or create a new folder dedicated to all the files you want to exclude. When you’re done, follow these steps to exclude a folder from Spotlight searches:

Deleting Entire Spotlight Categories on Mac

Files aside, you can also exclude specific categories from the view up highlighted. This is a quick way to organize your search results without having to create dedicated exclusion folders. Just follow these steps:

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