How to Stop Windows 11 PC from Showing Edge Tabs in Alt + Tab – Guide

If you’ve tried the Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut to switch between open windows in the browser while other apps are running at the same time, you won’t find this feature useful. if you want to clean up your Alt+Tab screen, try disabling edge guides on the Alt+Tab screen. It makes navigation much easier. You can easily prevent Edge from showing multiple tabs as a separate window by pressing Alt + Tab shortcuts in the Windows 11/10 Settings app. As the user interface of Windows 10 and Windows 11 platforms is very different, the procedure for disabling this feature for Edge is also different. Edge users know that Windows supports a built-in set of keyboard shortcuts for quickly switching between apps. The Alt+Tab keys showing all active windows on the system are one of the most famous examples. However, when you have not only multiple browser tabs open but multiple apps as well, browsing or switching between them can take a lot of time.

How to Disable display of edge guides in Windows 11 ALT + Tab Task Switcher?

How to Prevent edge guides from showing in Windows 10 ALT+Tab?

For those who use Microsoft Edge and work on multiple tabs at the same time, the current settings add unnecessary elements to the task switcher and can cause confusion. Follow the steps below to revert to previous settings. The process is quite simple and would take no more than a minute.

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