The obvious way to play PC games on home is on its own gaming PC, but there are other options as well. However, there are times when you may choose to leave your gaming setup and play elsewhere – on the bed, sofa, bathroom, or any other area in the house. There are some solutions, which is good news. Valve’s Steam Deck is an obvious choice if you’re looking for something portable, but it’s not necessary. We have mentioned below the ways to stream games from PC to games.

Ways to Stream Games from PC to Games

Anyone who plays games on Steam will benefit from Steam Link, a free add-on that enhances the platform and allows you to play games on multiple devices on your home🇧🇷 Even from distant places, you can use Steam Link over the internet, but there may be some delay depending on your connection speed. Install Steam Link on any Android, iOS, Windows or macOS device you want to use for gaming, as Steam already manages your main PC’s game library. Regardless of the platform you use, the installation procedure is the same and connecting requires little more than logging into your Steam account. The Steam Link app will first verify that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection and that a game controller is connected to your secondary device before the activity begins. Most controllers, including the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X/S accessories, are compatible with most PCs and mobile devices and are simple to connect via Bluetooth. The software will search your network for PCs running Steam after this is complete. You will be given a Steam Link PIN and all it takes to connect your computer to the secondary device is to enter that number into your primary gaming PC. You’re ready to go, and you can browse games, launch them, and control them using the Steam Link. Keep in mind that the game will launch and start playing on the first computer where Steam is actually installed; you are just mirroring it on your secondary device.


A Windows PC with a current GeForce GTX or GeForce RTX graphics card and an Nvidia Shield TV streaming device are required for Nvidia’s GameStream, which is another excellent alternative. To set this up, open the Nvidia GeForce Experience software on your PC, go to the Settings panel (via the gear icon, top right) and select Shield🇧🇷 make sure that GameStream switch is on. On the Shield TV, open the Nvidia Games app and select my library and GameStream to find the gaming PC on your network and pair it. For best results, you’ll also need to plug in a game controller. To do this, choose Definitions from tv shield home screen, then Remote controls and accessories and add accessory🇧🇷 GameStream is designed to work through Steam, and you’ll see the gaming service as an option when your Shield TV and your gaming computer are connected. You can also add games through the Shield settings panel in the GeForce Experience software running on your PC, but if not running on Steam, you may encounter some bugs.

Final words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to stream games from pc to games. If you have a gaming PC set up in your bedroom, you can use that system’s processing power and title selection to play games on other PCs and set-top boxes, like the big TV in the living room. There are several platforms available to help you do this, but these are some of our favorites so you can choose the one that works best with your hardware and software setup.

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