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If you have problems with exams, studying or focus in general, you can go to the internet. Online there are several apps that make our lives easier. If you are a college student, you may want to use some of these apps to help you study. Fortunately, the Internet has plenty of apps specifically designed for that! There are many study tools and applications that will help you improve your focus and memorize faster. This article lists some of the best and most useful apps to help you study better.

1. Evernote

Evernote is an app that allows you to save notes and memos in many formats. You can save online video clips, text files, handwritten notes, photos of business receipts and invoices, audio files and many other documents for future use. With this app you can organize yourself in the best possible way. You can improve your notes with links, checklists and attachments. Keeping all your notes organized and in one place makes it easier to remember, save time and concentrate. A free version of the app allows you to sync your notes across two different devices.

2. GoConqr

GoConqur is your personal learning space. This app contains everything you will ever need for an effective learning experience. You can create a dashboard with different content and media on any topic and organize it any way you want. If you prefer, you can also share your resources with the GoConqr community and enjoy the resources of other users. This app offers great tools. You can use flashcards, mind maps, notes, quizzes, slides, flow charts, courses and much more. With these options you should easily absorb new knowledge, but not only that. GoConqr is an app that is great if you want to share your knowledge with others, which is why it is widely used by students and professors.

3. DuoLingo

DuoLingo is a well-known app that makes it easier for you to learn a new language. With DuoLingo, learning a new language is fun and engaging. You earn points and awards by doing simple language exercises. DuoLingo tracks your progress in a similar way to video games – you earn points, level up, and reach more difficult levels as you progress. This app is a great tool for improving your second language or learning a new one. You can study during a business trip, lunch break or your commute. It’s handy, useful and fun. Currently you can choose from 32 languages, including Esperanto. You can even try learning some fictional languages ​​like Klingon from Star Trek or High Valyrian from Game of Thrones!

4. Coursera

Coursera is a platform where you can take online courses organized by the best universities from around the world. Here you can draw up, browse courses by category, and enroll in future or ongoing courses. You can access some courses for free, but you have to pay for most. This is a great website for students who want information on topics that their regular studies don’t cover, as well as for all those who want to learn new things. You can download an app for both iOS and Android and access course materials from around the world.

5. SimpleMind

SimpleMind is a mind mapping tool that can help you organize your thoughts and keep your focus. SimpleMind allows you to analyze your thoughts and sort them any way you want. This tool allows you to visualize your ideas, allowing you to make more informed decisions and eliminate some uncertainties. The page for your mind map offers unlimited space and is available in different layouts. You can create a mind map horizontally, vertically (like a list, top to bottom) and in free form. There are also a ton of other tools to customize your map the way you want. You can add different types of media to your mind maps, including images, video clips and voice memos. When you are studying, you can use these mind maps to write down all the important information, organize it and make logical connections. Thanks to this tool, you can remember new information more easily and you have a deeper learning experience.

6. FlashCards +

As you prepare for an important exam, FlashCards + will help you memorize things more easily. You can make a deck for any topic with as many cards as you want. There is an option to label and filter your cards so you can keep everything where you need it. You can also add images to the cards, which is especially useful if you have a photographic memory. If so, you can add formulas, charts, graphs and book samples that will help you remember everything. If you don’t want to make your own, you can also find many downloadable flashcards that you may find useful. The best part – you can share your flashcards with your friends and colleagues. In this way you can split work and study together. The app is completely free and available for iOS and Android.

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What apps do you use to organize ideas, remember new information, or learn new skills? Tell us about your favorites in the comments below.

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