How to Switch-Off Xbox Series X/S – Guide

If you own an Xbox Series X, S, or Xbox One, the default power mode is “Instant-on” for a quick start, allowing you to access your games almost immediately, but you can also choose “Power Saver”, which reduces energy consumption. The only caveat is that neither of these two modes shuts down the console completely, and the power menu only has the option to put the console to sleep or restart. However, if you have one of the consoles and use them infrequently, you may want to turn them off completely rather than leaving them on to waste energy and shorten the life of the device, which is not always an option if you have one. queued downloads or when you’re at a voice chat party with your friends. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t turn off the controller once you decide to step away from the console. Turning off your Xbox Series X/S controller is relatively easy and can help you save extra power when the actual game is taking place.

Forcibly turning off the Xbox Series X/S controller

Please don’t break your console when reading the title as the force part refers to pressing and holding the Xbox button on your controller. If you hold the Xbox button for more than five seconds, the light below will dim, indicating that the controller has successfully shut down. This method is especially useful if you are using your controller on a PC or mobile device as there is no UI to shut down your controller. To turn the controller back on, you need to press the Xbox icon. However, this will also launch your console. By pressing start button instead of the Xbox logo, you can just rotate the controller without waking up up your Xbox Series X/S.

Turn off Xbox Series X/S controller via UI

While forced shutdown is a faster output, there is a more humane way to shut down your controller. This method only works when you’re using the controller with the Xbox Series X/S, so you’ll need to refer to the first option if you’re on any other device.

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