How to Take Android device Screenshots From PC – Guide

Screenshots on your Android mobile device are useful for many purposes. Perhaps you have an exceptionally high score in a game and want to prove the results with friends. Or you may have seen a funny and interesting photo somewhere on the internet. You may also have several valuable text messages from someone special that you want to save. In such cases, the best way to keep the information is to take a screenshot on Android. There are several apps that allow you to take screenshots by connecting your phone to your computer. read to learn how to take a screenshot of Android from PC using the following tips:

How to Take screenshots of Android device directly from computer

Use the AirDroid app to take a screenshot of Android from a PC

The AirDroid app comes with many features to control your device on your PC. Here, we will use this app to take Android phone screenshots on PC. Just follow these simple steps below.

Take Android Screenshot on your computer via ADB

You can also take an Android screenshot and save it to your PC using simple ADB commands. I’m guessing you have, Now, follow the steps below,

Final note

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