You don’t have to look very hard to locate bad selfies in the wild because they are widely available. Those who want them will go through numerous to find the “perfect” one, and whether you’re doing it for vanity or for the future. If you want to shoot professional-quality selfies in that scenario, take a deep breath and unwind since we already know the answer. We have compiled simple techniques and other quite useful tips for you that will enable you to shoot beautiful and distinctive selfies with your Android phone in addition to taking the occasional odd selfie. We have mentioned tips below to Take Selfie on Android Smartphone

5 Tips to Take Selfie on Android Smartphone

Face a light source

Your selfies will look dull if you aren’t facing the light source. Even the world’s best front-facing camera with a crazy specs sheet won’t help you without the light source. It’s true for selfies and your normal photographs. Whether using a dedicated lamp in a room or taking a selfie outside in the sunlight, you should always face the light source for the best results.

Avoid Screen Flash

Although most phones offer a setting to illuminate the screen to simulate a flash, you should avoid doing so. The effectiveness of a dedicated selfie light ring is superior to screen flash. You’ll end up with an average selfie because it can only brighten the central subject and not the surrounding area. The infamous red-eye phenomenon might result. If it’s not Halloween, that’s not a nice look.

Use a timer

If your hands are unsteady and you use the shutter or volume button to shoot a selfie, the image may come out fuzzy. Take the ideal selfie with the timer on your phone’s selfie camera. Choose between 2s, 3s, 5s, or 10s timers by looking for the timer option in the camera app on your smartphone.

Cut the images

You don’t have to include your complete face, for example, if you want to learn how to shoot a nice selfie. The finest selfies are frequently those that merely show a portion of your face or the subject. Try “cutting” the image near the nearest eye, as we’ve shown you in this image, if your selfies aren’t turning out as well as you’d like.

Use the right apps

Anyone who has taken a nice selfie before understands that a good photo doesn’t just appear when you push the shutter button. You must carefully edit your selfie afterward in order to acquire a beautiful one. Although social media platforms like Instagram have filters available, they are sometimes insufficient. Visit the best picture retouching apps to find out which ones are the finest for that.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Take Selfie on Android Smartphone. The benefit of using the front-facing camera on your Android device is that you can posture for your selfie or check to see if everyone fits in the picture or not. The disadvantage is that the camera you’re using has a lower resolution than the one that is facing the rear. Many phones can capture excellent selfies with a good resolution, but for the best quality, you should use the camera on the back.

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