How to Take Screenshot on Android By Tapping Back of Phone – Guide

Android 12 shows this mobile software has come a long way since its inception. What started as a newbie to challenge Apple’s iOS in the introduction of the modern smartphone, Android has evolved ever since. Google recently put the codename Public Desert in the clutches of many people, myself included, and focused on making Android a more mature operating system. In Android 12 it is in much more proof. But with Android 12, Google has taken one of the operating system’s core tenets to the extreme. Basically, from the beginning, Android has aimed to customize and make the phone feel like you. Compare that to Apple’s unique approach to iOS, which recently added a few more customizations. features for iOS 14 and iOS 15. This year, Google redesigned the entire operating system with the new Material U design language. An evolution of the Material Design we’ve seen in recent years, this new direction puts the focus on you and adapts your color palette to your wallpaper. But Android 12 isn’t just a pretty varnish. Google has also taken a stand on privacy. Android 12 is the return of something that really drew me to the OS in the first place. For the first time in a long time, Android is fun again. I spent most of this year running the preview and developer beta on the Pixel 5, and now that the update has officially arrived, I can finally write a full review. And with the Pixel 6 now available, Android 12 has an even greater chance to shine.

Take a Screenshot on Android 12 with Back Tap Gesture

If you are one of the lucky owners of an Android 12 device, the feature is baked directly into the operating system. Google has been experimenting with this for a few years now, but it’s finally here. At the time of writing, the backward tap gesture, officially called Double Tap in Android 12, gives you a choice of five actions. By performing a double tap on the back of your Android 12 device, you can open the assistant, take a screenshot, play and pause media, see recent apps or open notifications. Here it is how to configure Android 12 double tap gesture. If you are using older versions of Android, you can still use Android 12 double tap back gesture using the method described below.

Take a screenshot on Android by tapping the back of your Phone

While Apple added the feature as a built-in functionality for the iPhone, there is no such feature which is built into Android smartphones older than Android 12. But we can rely on third-party apps that can do the exact same thing. Let’s find out how to Take a screenshot on Android by tapping the back of the phone using the app. By default, triple-tap gestures are off and double-tap gestures are on. You can add actions and triggers to the double and triple tap options using the “Add Action” button button on the screen. Also, it allows you to add multiple actions and custom trigger conditions for each one. Now, you can go and touch the back of your phone to test the feature. Your phone will take screenshot instantly when you tap the back of your Android phone.

Change the double tap sensitivity

The double tap gesture on your Android phone It works based on gyroscope and accelerometer. Sensitivity levels may vary from device to device, which will indeed provide different experiences on different Android phones. You can, in fact, change the sensitivity levels in the app, so you can calibrate the app to work perfectly on your Android. phone.

Final note

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