How to Take Screenshots in Restricted Apps – Guide

Any mobile Apps like Tor Browser, Facebook Secure Pages, Chrome Incognito Mode, Streaming Apps and Banking Apps have the screenshot restriction which prevents you from taking screenshots of the app for privacy and security reasons. However, there are methods to get around the Android app’s screenshot limitation. In this article, we will guide you through how to take screenshots in these restricted apps on your android device. Scroll down and enable the toggles next to Use Screen Context in the General section. In the “General” section of the phone settings, you’ll find an option that says “Use Screen Contexts” and “Donate Screen Recordings” are turned on, and Google Assistant can now take screenshots for you. The screen context setting shows the content on the screen when you launch Google Assistant and allows Google Assistant to take a screenshot. I finally found a solution and that solution was Google Assistant. I was surprised to learn that Google Assistant can take screenshots of restricted apps.

Taking screenshots in restricted apps with Google Assistant:

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