You may create beautiful natural images and priceless memories with underwater photography, which is enjoyable and gratifying. Additionally, you may enjoy this sport without having to spend a lot of money on expensive specialty equipment thanks to the significantly enhanced water resistance of modern iPhones. This article offers advice on setup, lighting, lenses, and more. It also explains which iPhone models are best for underwater photography (and what accessories to buy if yours isn’t).

5 Ways to take stunning underwater photos using iPhone

Get the Right Waterproof iPhone Case

A few drips of water here and there won’t harm your new buy, but you need to step up your game if you want to shield your phone from liquids, spills, scratches, and other harm without wrapping it in bubble wrap. A metal iPhone cover called The SHIELD is shockproof and completely waterproof, preserving the structural integrity of your phone under even the most trying conditions.

Use Your iPhone’s Volume Button to Take Underwater Pictures

You must keep in mind that you cannot use your touchscreen when underwater before entering the water. The volume key on your iPhone will become your new best buddy if you want to snap pictures underwater. This is also known as capturing pictures in burst mode, which is necessary for photographing rapidly moving things underwater. Repeat this several times to ensure that you are at ease using your shutter release and are able to rapidly access the camera without using the screen.

Get the Right iPhone Photography Accessories

You need to accessories if you want to create flawless underwater images every time. Purchase a lens for your iPhone, or if you’re feeling daring, several lenses. Your perspective of underwater photography will be radically altered by a wide-angle and a fish-eye iPhone lens. on an iPhone included.

Take Underwater Pictures During the Golden Hour

Anytime between 10 AM and 2 PM is the ideal window of opportunity to take underwater photos. Underwater, the sun is at its greatest point, and visibility is perfect. To be honest, you could photograph even on a gloomy day, but keep in mind that while you’re underwater, light will be refracted, giving your pictures a blue/green tint.

Make Sure Your iPhone is Fully Charged Before You Shoot

Before you go into the water, make sure your iPhone is fully prepared to shoot underwater photos. This implies that before you go for your day of shooting, you should make sure that the battery in your iPhone is completely charged. Make sure to charge your phone before you get at the location where you will be shooting because you cannot charge it while it is wet. It’s best to let it dry off first or use wireless charging if you need it right away while you’re in the water. When you wish to upload photos to your computer, the same rules apply.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to take stunning underwater photos using iPhone. You’re organizing a vacation to a stunning tropical location, and snorkeling is one of your bucket list items. Should you then invest in a new underwater camera? Or can you use your iPhone to shoot underwater pictures? The good news is that contemporary iPhones can shoot underwater images without a doubt, providing you use additional protection before diving in.

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