After scoring a rewarding double tap or winning a game, you can make a move or perform a quick dance with LeBron, Bugs, Superman, Finn and other characters. Some players may be interested in learning how to tease in MultiVersus because it can be an effective strategy to pressure opponents into making mistakes or simply seal your victory with a brazen dance to really rub their faces. Modern video games often feature taunts, and MultiVersus is no exception. It offers character-specific taunts and more general taunts that anyone can use. We have mentioned below the steps for Taunt in MultiVersus.

Steps to Taunt in MultiVersus

Final Words

We hope you like our article about how to Taunt in MultiVersus. When winning the match in Multiversus, players can taunt their opponents by quickly pressing the d-pad. PC players can perform the same operation simply by pressing the T key. Whenever a player feels they can get away with the taunt, it can be done over the course of a game. Players shouldn’t be afraid to step out of their comfort zone and try out every character the game has on its roster because of all the unique animations and distinctive voice lines that play with each character.

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