How to Tell If iOS/macOS Apps Support Family Sharing – Guide

Family Sharing continues to improve the experience for groups of people who live in the same house and link their Apple IDs. A few years ago, Apple allowed developers who offered software on one of its App Stores to give everyone on a Family Sharing plan access to the app at no additional cost. During the same period, however, many developers have switched from one-time app purchase prices to ongoing subscription fees. Family Sharing could not directly benefit from this because all subscriptions were tied to an individual Apple ID when purchased from the App Store. Some developers have offered a familiar option, offering it on their website and linking it to an app via an account login. This is cumbersome and doesn’t give developers the same level of security by limiting usage. Apple announced in June 2020 that it would allow developers to renew their subscriptions and allow Family Sharing groups to use a single subscription; The feature appeared for developers in December 2020. Developers can offer special Family Sharing subscription tiers or extend one of their existing or regular subscription tiers to include all members of a Family Sharing group. A scan of the apps I use and the App Store shows that only a few developers have yet to find this. feature useful, while others have not yet implemented it or perhaps never will. Here it is how to look for the share subscription option on iOS/iPadOS and macOS and switch to a family option if it makes sense.

How to find out if iOS apps are eligible for Family Sharing

How to Find out if Mac apps are eligible for Home Sharing

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