How To Tell If Someone Else Is Using Instagram Account – Guide

We will see how to delete connected devices from your Instagram account. Considering the increasing risk of social media accounts being hacked, some important steps need to be taken in this regard. We already share some privacy tips, such as choosing a strong password or enabling two-factor authentication for your account. In addition, another important privacy tip keep an eye out is that you are the only one who has access to your Instagram account and also from an authorized device. It may happen that you log into your account from another device, but forget to log out. Or, you sold your old smartphone to a retailer, but you may not have deleted your account from it. Well, the possibilities are endless. Therefore, it is recommended to verify all devices connected to your account. Also, if you find suspicious activity on any connected device, remove it from your Instagram account at the same time. Today we are going to show you how this can be done. Let’s start. On this note, also discover 5 new Instagram tips and lesser known features.

See the latest active logins on your Instagram account

Seeing the last active logins is a way to see if someone is using your Instagram account. Instagram allows you to find all essential login information in the app and on the official website. You won’t need to skip steps or request and download profile data to access this information.

Viewing recent Instagram logins using the Mobile App on Android/iPhone

Viewing recent Instagram logins using Windows, Linux, Mac and other PCs

The web version of Instagram allows you to see your login history just like the app. Here it is how to find it. Please note that the following steps are for PC and macOS users.

How to Log out of Instagram on all devices

Leaving devices you don’t want on your profile is a simple process. It only takes a minute or two, and you can do it from within the app and via the platform’s official website. You cannot log out of all devices at once, but you can log out based on login activity. Here it is how to Knife.

Log out of Instagram on all devices using Android or iPhone

Removing unwanted devices works the same on Android and iOS/iPhone. Here are the steps you must follow: From here, repeat the steps above for each connected device. Once completed, all devices are disconnected. The above process is tedious, but it helps if a hacker is connected to your Instagram account. The person remains logged in even if you log out of your device or change your password. When you log out of all devices on Instagram, you also log them out.

Log out of Instagram on all devices using Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook

Here it is how to Get rid of hackers or unwanted devices on your Instagram account using official website on Mac, Linux, Windows or any other PC/laptop.

Change your Instagram password to log out from all devices

The quickest but most inconvenient way to wipe all connected Instagram devices is to change your password. This process forces all devices to log in again, but that means you have to do the same on all devices. Of course, users of any suspicious logins will not know their new password and will not be able to login again. So it’s worth the effort! As of Feb 6, 2022, this action has been tested on multiple devices (Android, iPhone, Windows 10) and still works, but there is never any guarantee that it will continue to do so. So test it first to see if your devices automatically disconnect. Here it is how to change your Instagram password.

Change your Instagram password using Android, iPhone or other Mobile Device

Change your Instagram password using Windows, Mac, Linux or another PC

Here it is how to change your password through the official website:

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