If your computer’s desktop or laptop is acting weird, you might be considering upgrading to a newer model. Before replacing your computer, it’s crucial to know how old it is, as it really can’t be that old and last a few more years. It can be helpful to keep track of your computer’s age because software is updated with the latest hardware in mind and consumer gadgets are constantly evolving. While it can be challenging to get an exact date of manufacture, there are several ways to find out how old a computer is, whether it’s determining the validity of a warranty, debating whether you should buy a new machine, or simply out of curiosity. We have mentioned below the ways to count Windows computer age.

5 Ways to Know the Age of Your Windows Computer

Check Windows OS installation date

One of the leading operating systems on the market, Windows has an array of utilities to handle a variety of tasks. Additionally, it comes with a date that reveals when the manufacturer originally installed the operating system on this computer. If you only installed Windows, you can determine the machine’s age by looking at the installation date.

Run Systeminfo.exe to check BIOS information

Some people suggest using the systeminfo.exe command tool when looking up a machine’s age online. This program can get a tone of data from your computer to help you determine the age of your system. You will see the date that Windows was first installed, but this information is false as Windows changes the date whenever a major Windows update is released.

Check your CPU release date

Search online by model number

You can also perform a quick Internet search to determine the age of your computer. Firstly, the laptop or desktop model number is required for this operation. To determine the manufacturer and model of the system, simply use the system info command or the System Information app (described in option 2). Then find out more about your computer’s age by going to the vendor’s official website. You can also use the model number to perform a Google search to find out when this gadget was released.

See modified date of folders in C drive

You could also try looking in the Date Modified area of ​​the folders on the C drive. Of course, this isn’t ideal either because you might see products that are actually older than your PC. However, you can use it to double-check the data collected using the methods mentioned above.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to Count the Windows computer era. All of these approaches involve getting some specific information about your gadget and using it online to find more related information. You will be able to determine how long that specific piece has been around thanks to this. Your computer has certainly been around since then as well.

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