How to test the new Safari tab bar on iPad – Guide

Apple offers the option in iOS 15 to keep Safari’s old tab style or adopt the new tab bar. But before giving up in the new, try it. It’s not like the redesigned tab bar in Safari for iOS 15 is much better features than before on each site. It has a new way of moving between locations, but what it really has is a different approach, an unfamiliar design. Apple wants tabs out of the way, and that’s commendable. It is more than commendable that Apple has brought the new Tab Groups feature for iOS 15, it’s bright and different. Most importantly, the Safari tab bar on iPhone now defaults to the bottom of the screen instead of the top. This takes some getting used to, not to mention a muscle memory tweak, assuming you don’t just make Safari’s tab bar back to the top of the screen. The position of the tab bar may have changed, but other features in Safari they remain the same, even if they look a little out of place if you keep the tab bar at the bottom of the screen. iOS 15 beta testers may also be confused, as Apple has made several changes to the appearance of Safari in response to user feedback.

Try Safari’s New Tab Bar on iPad

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