How to to Copy Text from Images on Android, iPhone, and PC – Guide

Many of you have probably wanted to copy text from a photo you took and may not have known that this was possible. Well it is, and it’s really quite simple. In this article, we will show you how to copy and paste text from a photo taken with your smartphone. It can be very useful in many ways. Let’s say you took a picture of a document or something and you need to copy a specific part of it to share it with someone. Or you took a picture of a recipe from a cookbook, this might be an easy way to digitize it. There are many use cases for this. feature. Copying text from photos you take is very simple, all you need is Google Photos. You need to have this app installed on your smartphone, so if you don’t have it, install it before starting this one. tutorial. We’ll explain How to copy and paste text from an image one step at a time in this article, and we’ll even attach some screenshots to help you out. let’s start.

Copy Text from Images on Android, iPhone and PC

Using Google Photos (Android, iPhone, PC)

Thanks to Google Lens technology, Google Photos can automatically detect text in your photos. You can use the feature to search for text in an image, then copy and paste elsewhere. It is available on the Google Photos web and on mobile application. The good thing is that it also works for handwriting and that too, with reasonable accuracy. It can be useful if you want to convert handwritten notes into digital text.

On the Google Photos web

Using Google Keep (Android, iOS)

Google Keep is a note-taking app, but not everyone knows about its ability to extract and grab text from images. See below How to copy text from photos using the Google Keep app on your Android or iPhone.

Convert image to text online (Android, iOS, PC)

The other option is to use online OCR services. All you need to do is upload your image and boom, your text is ready to be copied. Below I have mentioned How to use which worked fine in my usage but you can use any website you like.

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