How To Track Movies And TV Shows That You Have Watched – Guide

Apps that track TV shows and movies can be very useful. Have you ever remembered a new show or movie you wanted to stream, only to completely forget about it later? Or have you missed a new episode or season of your favorite show just because you haven’t visited a certain streaming service in a while? We’ve all been there and it can be very frustrating, especially if you’re an avid streamer. In recent years, many other video streaming services have been launched in India besides Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar. Apple launched its Apple TV+ streaming service, Disney+ launched its show through Hotstar, not to mention the long list of Indian streaming apps like Zee5, Sony Liv, etc. that offer a variety of Indian content. Many of us have multiple subscriptions, which makes it even more difficult to maintain up with new content being added to the various services. This is where TV tracking apps come into play. These apps let you keep up with your favorite shows, discover new shows and movies you like, and some even notify you when a new episode or season comes out. This is very useful because you can watch multiple TV shows from different streaming services with a single app. There is no one-size-fits-all solution as everyone has their own preferences, but we round up up some apps that we think are very good.

How to Track Movies and TV Shows You’ve Watched

TV time

TV Time is one of the most popular services on this list. It’s cross-platform, has a beautiful app, and offers a variety of features that make it incredibly easy to watch TV shows. Thanks to its integration with thousands of streaming and video platforms, TV Time also has an extensive library of TV shows and movies. There is probably hardly any TV show that cannot be found in TV Time’s database. Also, TV Time offers a lot of useful tracking features, including notifications about new seasons and episodes, as well as a weekly calendar with release dates for upcoming episodes. Thanks to social integration, you can see what your friends are watching and when you can watch it. The extensive library also lets you discover content to find new shows similar to what you’re currently watching.


If you’re looking for an automated solution to track TV shows, Trakt is the place for you. If you’ve used before, you’ll be familiar with “scrobbling”. In this, the system automatically records the music you play in various apps to create a comprehensive listening history. Media server integration is extensive, with features like syncing playback progress so you always know where you left off on a specific video. It also has a user-oriented classification and discovery system. This shows you which movies and TV shows are currently popular, to help you find new content.

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