How to track, reassign and safely decommission hardware – Guide

There’s always a newer, faster device that employees want or need to get their work done. It’s easy to shelve an old laptop or phone in a back corner somewhere and deal with that at a later date. However, these old machines aren’t just dust collectors; they are security risks. Businesses need a plan to process these old machines quickly and safely. The new dynamic of the mix is ​​the Great Renunciation. The more people swapping one job for another, the more often IT teams will need to process the returned machines and redistribute them. The increase in teleworking adds another factor to consider. How the pandemic keeps workers in home, it is even more complicated to control what equipment is and where. IT teams can use this collection of TechRepublic Premium features to manage every detail in this process, from deciding which equipment to deactivate and erase data as needed, to creating a checklist to manage tasks and a spreadsheet to track vital information for each piece of hardware.

Computer Equipment Disposal Policy

This policy describes rules and procedures for the proper disposal, disposal and decommissioning of computers and IT equipment. The policy also specifies which team members are responsible for which tasks in the equipment decommissioning process.

Hardware decommissioning policy

This feature covers the entire old hardware shutdown process, including the first question: is this machine’s lifecycle over? If the answer is yes, the IT department can proceed with the rest of the process. This can include recycling or destroying the device, working with staff to remove company data, and updating documentation to reflect the change in status.

Hardware Inventory Policy

IT departments need to control more than 20 types of devices, since phones for tablets to laptops for servers throughout the device lifecycle. This policy will help you define up an asset tracking database to record all vital information for each device. You will also find advice on setting rules for device usage in this feature.

Equipment reassignment policy and checklist

Employees come and go all the time, and equipment reassignment is a fact of life for IT departments. This checklist details this process to ensure it runs smoothly from data removal to configuration. up the machine to its new user.

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