How to Transcribe Google Meet Calls in Real Time – Guide

If you’ve become very familiar with Google Meet in the last 12 months, you may have encountered a problem. It is terribly difficult to take notes while listening to the often imperfect audio. Fortunately, there is now an artificial intelligence solution. How to transcribe Google Meet calls in real time. The tool has been around for some time and is a well-known secret among tech industry journalists. I personally used it a few times when I was conducting face-to-face interviews and needed a transcript to convert the interview into a written article. also lets you search, play, edit, organize and share your conversations from any device. Trust me, it’s a lifesaver in this game. The new Chrome extension for Google Meet now transcribes and captions your video meetings in real-time, essentially avoiding the hassle of taking notes. You can also save the recorded transcript to your Otter account if you want to review the audio later. Just let your colleagues know you are recording them! In my opinion, this is the best automatic live transcription and note taking tool for in-person and now virtual meetings. is available in English on the web, iOS, Android, Zoom and Google Meet. It is included in all plans at no additional cost.

Transcribe Google Meet calls in real time


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