Funny thing happened as our phones evolved into pocket computers: the phone component lost its significance. No longer are our phones glued to our ears. Many of us plan our phone calls; they’re serious discussions about complex matters, not haphazard calls to verify something quickly. Text messaging and a bevvy of chat apps have replaced these latter ones. We have mentioned steps below to Transcribe Phone Calls to Text.

Steps to Transcribe Phone Calls to Text

Your call recording app should export your recordings

Tap the arrow button to the right of the player after choosing a recording in TapeACall. This will display a screen with various sharing options for your recording. Email, Dropbox, and Google Drive are the most common methods for transferring recordings to a computer or mobile device.

Go to the Rev transcription page

For call recording transcripts, Rev offers a few choices. You can choose between automatic transcription driven by AI or professional transcription services performed by humans. For $1.50 per minute, our professional service is more accurate and promises 99% accuracy, while our automatic service is less expensive but less accurate ($0.25 per minute).

Upload the call recording, then choose more options for transcription.

You can either paste a URL link to your call recording file on DropBox, Google Drive, or another storage location, or you can upload the call recording audio file. can choose “Rush My Order” for transcripts that are completed more quickly, “Verbatim” transcription to have every word transcribed (we often omit words like “um,” “uh,” etc.), or “Timestamping” to timecode your transcripts.

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on how to Transcribe Phone Calls to Text. Call transcription is the process of turning an audio file from a voice or video call into text that can be stored as plain text and is written in a natural language. Call transcription can be done either live as the call or event occurs or from a recording of an earlier conversation.

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