How to Transfer All Facebook Text Posts to Google Docs – Guide

Facebook now allows users to bulk upload their text posts and notes to Google Docs, Blogger and Previously, data transfer feature was limited only to photos and videos uploaded to Facebook. This new option will be useful for users who have a lot of Facebook posts and are planning to switch to another medium or leave Facebook altogether. The best thing about the new Facebook tool is that you don’t have to manually copy and paste your past status updates. Copying your broadcast posts also includes the media shared with the text post. Facebook has introduced a new tool that allows users to export text messages, including notes. Users can upload their data directly to Google Docs, Blogger and WordPress. O feature is being rolled out globally and is part of the social network’s effort to give users better control over their data. “However, the ecosystem we are building to support data portability will not materialize without regulation that clarifies what data must be portable and who is responsible for protecting the data once it is transmitted,” Facebook said.

Steps to Transfer All Facebook Text Posts to Google Docs

Note that the new tool will transfer all text posts you’ve shared to your Facebook account, including media files. So let’s check how to transfer all your Facebook text posts to Google Docs or WordPress.

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