It is common and easy to transfer data from your smartphone to your PC. But you will need to take a few more steps if you want to transfer files from your iPhone to your Mac. This is done in a variety of circumstances. It is possible that you need extra storage for your iPhone or just a backup of your data. It’s useful to know that you can do both quickly if you need to move data from iPhone to Mac or find where iPhone backup files are located on Mac. You can transfer a single file, multiple files or all these files of different types simultaneously between your iPhone and Mac, for example.

Ways to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac

Using AirDrop

using email

Using iCloud Drive

Using iTunes File Sharing

Final Words

We hope you like our article about how to Transfer file between iPhone and Mac. When you’re within the Apple ecosystem, their products usually run quite efficiently. It’s great and sometimes useful to use iMessage on iPhone and pick up where you left off on Mac. But you might be curious about how this experience applies to file sharing between an iPhone and a Mac.

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