How to Transfer Files Between Android and MAC – Guide

One of the many good things about Android is that you can easily copy and paste files on a Windows PC just by connecting your phone by USB. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple when you have an Android. phone and a Mac computer. The official solution is Android File Transfer – a macOS app developed by Google that lets you browse and transfer files between your Android device and a MacBook or iMac. The problem? It’s buggy, inconsistent, and generally a little awful. Below we will guide you using Android File Transfer. But stay tuned and we’ll also show you some options that will make moving and copying content from Android to Mac much easier!

How to transfer files between Android and macOS


With an iPhone and a Mac, you can simply use AirDrop to share files. However, if you want to use AirDrop on Android, this is the best AirDrop alternative you can get so far. Snapdrop basically does the same thing as AirDrop, but it’s open for any operating system to use. Here it is how to use the.

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