How To Transfer Files Wirelessly From PC To Android – Guide

Apple’s elite AirDrop allows Mac and iPhone owners to remotely share files between devices in a moment. In case you have a Windows PC, however, don’t take a handle on the left. It’s not hard to emulate the AirDrop experience for Windows and Android devices. There is a scope of external options that can work with remote file moves between Windows PCs and phones. Despite the fact that these cross-stage utilities are underlying, you don’t have to do much to define them. up and start beaming bits of records to your devices. This is the way to start.

Transfer files from your PC to Android using a Wi-Fi network (WLAN)

The best way to transfer files between your PC and Android is to send them over a shared wireless network. You can use many apps for this, like Wi-Fi File Transfer on Android and Air Transfer on iOS. Some file browsers also incorporate Wi-Fi file transfers. Just open the app, browse, copy and paste into the folders on the other device. For file browsers you usually go to the network section, WLAN section or something similar. It searches for available devices and you select the device you need.

Transfer files using a wireless media player

Devices increasingly useful for managing media include portable NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives and wireless media players. These devices are loaded up with media via an SD card or USB drive, which can be accessed by connecting to the device’s Wi-Fi hotspot. The key features of the NAS drives or wireless media players are the ability for multiple users to access them at the same time and the fact that they are used independently of an internet connection. Most of them can also act as a power bank to keep your phone or tablet for longer periods.

Transfer files between Android and PC using Bluetooth

In the early days of smartphones, Bluetooth was the perfect way to exchange small amounts of data. While not ideal for larger size downloads, it remains a convenient way to transfer files. Like most of the current generation laptops are Bluetooth enabled, it is also easy to set up.

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