Despite the iPhone having one of the best image displays available, many users still choose to send their photos to a PC. While there are several reasons why iPhone users do this, convenience is probably the most frequent. The need to migrate to a PC becomes more critical in situations like those described above. People will choose to make this change for a variety of reasons; it’s really in your personal interests. The new integration of iCloud photos into the Windows Photos app has just been revealed by Microsoft. Notably, the iPhone transferring process has been simplified by the new integration function. However, Microsoft has yet to announce a release date for the stable version of this feature, which is still in beta testing. We have mentioned below the steps to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC.

Steps to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows PC

Transfer Photos from iPhone Using iCloud to PC

The iCloud service allows you to download your images, which is probably the simplest method of transferring them to a computer. You must enable iCloud storage on your iPhone to complete this step. All your images will be safely kept there and available on any computer after you do this. The procedure for converting to a Mac is quite simple. However, you should make some preparations if you are moving to a Windows PC. To gain access to your iCloud Pictures, follow these steps:

Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC Using iTunes

Windows still reigns supreme on desktops, although Apple’s iPhones and other devices always perform better when used in its environment. As iTunes still serves as the central hub for controlling your Apple devices and content, Apple has recognized this. It’s not as easy as connecting an iPhone or iPad to your Windows computer. Many daily operations require iTunes, which has a program called “Apple Mobile Device Support” that allows free communication between your iPhone or iPad and your PC. This allows you to quickly import photos and videos to your hard drive or browse the device using File Explorer.

Transfer Photos from iPhone Using File Explorer

Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad will be immediately recognized when connected via USB once iTunes is installed on your PC. One of the simplest methods to connect directly to the device’s internal storage is File Explorer. The owner’s first name is often used in Apple product names, such as NAME’s iPhone or NAME’s iPad. When the device is selected in File Explorer, a DCIM media folder and other files are displayed. Accessing files on your phone or tablet with a simple drag and drop method is quite similar to using a digital camera when you are in the DCIM folder.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC. Transferring photos from your iPhone to a computer can be done for a variety of purposes, including saving copies of the photos on your hard drive, editing them, or sharing them with others. It used to be a bit challenging to transfer pictures from an iPhone to a PC because the two devices weren’t really compatible. The previous problems, however, are no longer an issue.

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