How to transfer Whatsapp from iOS to Samsung – Guide

Operating system changes today can be very difficult, especially since most companies don’t offer much assistance in migrating data to newer operating systems. However, WhatsApp data has become one of your most important assets and should be saved even if you change smartphone. To help with this situation, the company plans to ease the transition from iOS with new features for Android devices (Samsung). this is a step up of the current situation where users need to abandon their chat history when switching to another operating system. To transfer WhatsApp chat history from your iPhone to your new Samsung phone, you need to turn on your Samsung device and connect to iPhone with a cable when prompted. Then follow the Samsung Smart Switch instructions and scan the QR code displayed on the screen when prompted. Then tap Start on your iPhone, wait for the process to complete and continue with the setup up your new samsung phone.When the home screen appears, open WhatsApp, log in with the same number on your old device, and when prompted, tap to complete the process. Finally, complete the activation of your new device and check the WhatsApp chat on your new phone! However, there are pitfalls. Users migrating from iPhone to Samsung Android devices can transfer account information, profile photos, personal chats, group chats, chat history, media and settings, but not call history or names. exhibition. Also, during initial setup of the new Samsung device to comply with WhatsApp statement that the new Android device must return to factory defaults or reset to factory settings to allow for migration. Only migration is possible. If it is already working, reset your Samsung device to factory default. According to WABetaInfo, which is known for providing insights into WhatsApp features and development, the migration process requires a USB-C cable for Lightning to connect Android and iPhone devices. After migration, iPhone will keep your chat history until you uninstall WhatsApp or clear the history yourself. However, it must be remembered that this feature works on Samsung smartphones running version or later with the Samsung SmartSwitch app and running Android 10 or later. You also need WhatsApp iOS or later. You must have an old iPhone device and a new Samsung phone with WhatsApp Android or later installed.

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