How To Transfer Your WhatsApp Chats From Android to iPhone – Guide

When you switch from an Android device to a new iPhone, one of the most important tasks is to transfer your WhatsApp chats to the new iPhone. As Android and iPhone run on different operating systems, WhatsApp chat history transfer is currently only possible for switching from an iPhone to a new Samsung device. So is there any way to transfer my WhatsApp from Android to iPhone? Here are some efficient ways to transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone. You can transfer WhatsApp messages to new ones phone no backup or restore from Google Drive backup. In addition, you will learn how to transfer WhatsApp without PC. Keep reading and find an easy way for you.

How to Transfer your WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone

Transfer whatsapp android to iphone using AnyTrans

Transfer whatsapp android to iphone using PhoneTrans

Official transfer from android whatsapp to iphone Feature to migrate chats

WhatsApp is working to add an official feature to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, which will allow you to transfer all your WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android or vice versa. This new feature has been requested by the community for years and is finally in the works. This new migration feature It will be especially useful for iPhone users who want to switch to an Android phone as iPhones are very expensive nowadays. iPhone users with iOS version 2.20 1.16 3.16 can check the availability of feature in the settings and then when chatting on WhatsApp. If you have activated the option “Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone” feature, you can see more chats in Android option. O feature was originally announced on August 11, 2021 at the Samsung Unpacked event and will be available for iPhone users who transfer their chats to Samsung phones.

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