How To Turn Google Chrome Fake Google Search Box Into Real One – Guide

Despite Google Chrome being a popular browser used by billions of people all over the world, it still suffers from some major issues. Several people have noticed the fake search box appearing on Chrome’s New Tab page. It’s strange that the search box is just dummy and doesn’t perform any search functionality. However, many Chrome users were disappointed when they saw that the search box did not return any search results. Therefore, some users have submitted two bug reports [1, 2] to highlight the issue. One of the users suggested: “NTP search field should work as an input (not “focus jump”, especially in fullscreen mode)”. On the other hand, the search box we see on the Bing search page works fine. Google has been working for months on a viable solution to solve this problem. Now it looks like the company has finally released a new flag in Chrome 79. Google seems to be testing a new flag that will allow you to enable a real search box in the browser’s NTP.

How to turn it into a Real One?

You may not like the fake search box as it has no advantage over the address bar. However, Google provides a way to change the fake search field into a real Google search bar.

Here’s how:

Change fake search box to real

You can use the experimental flags in Google Chrome to change the fake search box to a real one. Follow the instructions below if you want to change the fake search box and use it for real search.

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