How to Turn off Ads from Android TV Homescreen – Guide

Every user has trouble finding ads while enjoying any video content. Ads may not be important to end users, but they are an important way for developers to generate revenue. even in home Android TV screen, you can see commercials. Not long ago, Android TV switched to an update that brings cinematic highlights feature. After installing this update on your Smart TV home screen you will see ads. Most people I know are always looking for ways to disable ads on their gadgets. In this guide, I explained how to disable ads on your Android TV home screen. Film Highlights will show commercials about TV shows and movies. Ads are certainly informative, but most people find them intrusive. Fortunately, on your Android TV, you can get rid of ads. see the guide below. It’s easy and hardly takes a minute to do.

How to Disable Android TV Home Screen Ads

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