How to Turn Off All Sensors on Android – Guide

android phones are equipped with a variety of different sensors that turn a simple device into a smart device, or what we call a smartphone. Hackers can use these sensors to record your keystrokes, turn on the camera, or record audio. Fortunately, Google has solved this problem with Android 10 introducing a new feature which allows you to disable all sensors on Android with a swipe of your finger. The sensors in a smartphone are just as important as the sensory organs in our body. Well, they don’t have the same functionality as our sense organs, but without them, these phones they are nothing more than mute. These sensors provide the smartphone with important functions such as automatic screen lock, navigation, QR code recognition, location tracking, motion tracking, etc. While the sensors on your Android smartphone are vital, they can also become a vulnerability. Most apps can exploit this vulnerability and access data like your location, browsing history and even passwords through the available sensors. Even hackers can use this vulnerability to spy on you through your device. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your phone is not committed to hearing, seeing or capturing your location or movements. Previously, the only way to disable all sensors was to gain root access to change settings and permissions, which is difficult for an average user. However, this glitch has been fixed with the Android 10 update and you can now turn off all sensors on your smartphone with a single tap. All you need to know is where to look.

How to Turn off all sensors on Android

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