How to Turn-Off Autofill in Google Chrome – Guide

In Google Chrome, autocomplete feature You can fill in three types of forms or fields: Passwords, Credit Card Information, and Addresses. In the following sections, you will learn how to access and disable each feature. autocomplete feature in Google Chrome allows saving email addresses, phone numbers, delivery addresses, payment methods and passwords for your favorite websites. Below are the steps to disable Chrome’s autocomplete. The advantage of enabling autofill in the Chrome browser is that you can automatically log in to your favorite websites and fill in online forms with saved passwords, payment methods, and delivery addresses. When Chrome autocomplete is enabled, the browser automatically prompts you to save the password in the Chrome browser when you enter a password on any website. If you agree to the password save prompt, the Google Chrome browser may automatically log you into the site with the saved password when you visit the same site again. Likewise, you can save payment methods, email addresses, phone delivery numbers and addresses in the Chrome browser. When you fill out a form, Chrome asks if you want to save the information to speed up up the process next time. if you don’t use it feature or don’t want Google to store your data, you can just turn it off.

How to Disable Autofill in Google Chrome

Disable Google Chrome Autocomplete on Desktop

Disable autocomplete in Google Chrome to Mobile

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