Nevertheless, Cortana may still be turned off via a registry hack or group policy setting. By doing this, you may use the Cortana box as a “Search Windows” tool to look up local programmes and files. Since the debut of Windows 10, Cortana has gotten more and more limiting. It was changed before to disregard your preferred web browser. Now, when you ask Cortana to start a browser, it always opens Microsoft Edge and only ever utilizes Bing. We mentioned below are the steps to disable Cortana in Windows.

Steps to disable Cortana in Windows

Disable Cortana Temporarily

Disable Cortana Permanently Using the Windows Registry

Disable Cortana Permanently in Group Policy Editor

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to disable Cortana in Windows. Every significant update to Windows has increased the importance of Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant. In addition to searching your computer, it can send emails, create reminders, display notifications, and perform other voice-activated tasks. However, some people can find it invasive and choose to disable the aid.

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