However, during the transition, the toggle was removed, making things much worse. It’s one thing if people don’t like a feature because they can usually turn it off. However, when they can’t, the user feels like the feature is being forced on them, and that annoys them. Again, you can check out the previous posts on this feature for a history lesson. The new Google Discover Feed, formerly known as Google Feed, is the default page on the Google app. Users may get information about their interests with Discover in addition to the standard search box. The most recent updates from your favorite sports team, news source, celebrities, hobbies, and other topics are automatically shown by Discover. You don’t need to do a search because this information is shown to you in the form of cards.

Ways to Turn off Google Discover on Android

Disable Discover in Google App

Turn Off Discover in Chrome App

From Home Screen

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on how to Disable Google Discover on Android. The Google Discover Feed might not even need to be enabled. First, swipe left from your Android’s home screen to see if it’s already enabled. The instructions are the same whether you want to activate it or disable it, so if you can’t see it, just follow them. On your home screen, long-press a blank space and select the Home Settings menu item.

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