How to Turn off Instagram Message Requests – Guide

As an Instagram user whose profile is not private, all other Instagram users can send a direct message. However, when a user you don’t follow sends you a message, Instagram keeps the message in a separate folder called “Message Requests”. When you receive a message request, you can choose to accept it or delete it after reading it. Instagram also doesn’t let the sender know that you’ve read the message until you accept the request. This brief and straightforward step-by-step instruction will show you how to stop annoying message requests from Instagram strangers. You are probably reading this post to find out how to turn off Instagram message requests. This is a fantastic concept as it prevents people you don’t follow from bothering you with messages you don’t want to read or respond to. In just a few minutes, this post will teach you how to turn off Instagram message requests.

How to Disable Instagram message requests

Now that we’ve explained what message requests are and why you can turn them off, let’s show you how to do it:

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